Design Unit Marches Onward and Next Door


GO, LLC has broken ground on a new headquarters. Like Sherman marching triumphantly through the South, this international design unit has blazed forward to conquer new territories, to emancipate those chained to old ideas and enslaved within the boxes of tradition, and to claim 25 East Grant Street, Suite 101, for the Union and for President Lincoln.

“We must be always ready to move on. To be lean and mean is the GO way,” says Chairman Lipka.

“When we become entrenched, when we become comfortable, we become complacent. We do not reach. We do not grow. We stand brittle in our ways and the chipping away makes us weary.”

The new headquarters provides an airy, hardwood view of its fellow Queen Street denizens and convenient access to several strategic positions, including Characters Pub and a sushi restaurant. While literally only a hop, skip, and jump from their former location (down the hall, out the door, and around the corner), the new office space will enable the design unit and their protégés to explore collective creativity beyond the bounds of Lancaster’s three-dimensional consciousness. This new base of operations also features windows that open and a private bathroom that need not be shared with 3½ other businesses.

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