Oh the Places You’ll Go

Which is not very far. Right next door, in fact. We’ve moved!

I believe our new address is officially listed as Grant Street, although we are only moving to the building next door (to the left of Characters Pub, if you’re facing it from the parking lot), which itself is not on the corner of Grant St. And our Queen Street entrance (currently blocked off and quite grody still, from what I’ve seen) definitely states that it leads to 35 and 37 North Queen Street. I hope this doesn’t confuse our mailman. He seemed quite upset about our change of address notice, which may have something to do with the fact that it was quite difficult to find us at the old address and now he has to hunt us down all over again. I’m going to have to buy some chocolate to bribe him. Not because I think he’ll “lose” our mail, but because all the other mailmen who cover his route when he’s out sick or on vacation do.

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