O Punxsutawney Phil, What Have You Wrought?

Why did anyone ever invent plastic shovels? Whose genius idea was that?

Today is Tidbit Thursday. Weekdays after any inclement weather are never productive, particularly when that inclement weather laughs in your face for not struggling outside in the blinding white yesterday to dig out your car. We’re all just biding our time until Spring, which better come soon or one weather prophesying groundhog is going to find his magic Elixir of Life spiked with something that doesn't sit well this year. But on to the tids and the bits!

I really need to buy some closet organizers. Or at the very least, more hangers. I didn't really buy clothes for two years, because I worked in an Americorps program that provided very unflattering yet very sturdy uniforms. For anyone looking for some pleated khakis, I highly recommend Timberland.

Apparently it is ok to walk into an office space and poke around with nary an explanation or even a hello, as long as you are holding floorplans.

We are trawling the Interwebs for CHEAP LABOR! Please visit our recruitment page if you are looking to intern with the GO-ness that is...erm, GO.

The After VD Aftermath is on! I hope you all enjoyed the pseudo holiday and managed to check out our VD cards. For anyone wondering, the cheesiest pickup line that anyone’s ever used on me is: “Yo, are you Chinese?” Hmm...cheesy and racist. Good times. Good memories.

A good sitcom should make you laugh out loud, even when you’re alone and if you’re only channel surfing during the game's timeout (please marry me, Josh McRoberts—I want to have your 6'12" babies) so you don’t know what's going on. Best line in a Wednesday night sitcom soon to be canceled: “You're violating some serious ass code here.” Or was it: “Beware my tiger punch!” Or: “I was inside making crazy party just two minutes ago!”

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