Disgracing the Peacock

As it is now Friday, it’s time for the awarding of our weekly award! Yes, it is time to hand out the Rusty Spoon this week. What is the Rusty Spoon you ask, and how does one climb to such lofty heights? The Rusty Spoon Award goes to the person, place, or thing (hereafter known as a noun) that makes us most want to scoop out our brains with a rusty spoon through the temple.

I was originally going to award the Spoon to clouds this week. Because clouds rain down rain and snow and frozen rain and sleet. The kind of rain and snow and frozen rain and sleet that builds a five inch igloo around your car. But there was a bright side to this week’s inclement weather. I got a good upper body workout from chipping the igloo blocks off the old car (arms). And because I hadn’t cleared the snow from my car before the frozen rain and sleet came down, it all came off in nice big chunks of varying poundage (chest and back) since there was no ice underneath. And now I can build my own igloo somewhere else.

So the clouds have redeemed themselves. Well played, atmospheric moisture and particle accumulations, well played. So who deserves the Rusty Spoon this week?

The City of Lancaster and its goateed, bow-tied Mayor, for failing to adequately prepare and clear the roads. And by preparing and clearing, I mean radical ideas like spreading salt before the storm and plowing at regular intervals to stay ahead of the accumulation. And watching the weather channel. I haven’t ridden on roads so bumpy and divoted and slippy since I was going up a mountain to my aunt's house in Chiang Mai. That road was unpaved, purely a trail of red dirt, in an undeveloped area surrounded by rice paddies and banana trees in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. The mayor and other city leaders, I learned from the local news last night, will meet to discuss how they can better prepare for the next storm. Because apparently this is the first winter storm ever, and they had to see how things went before knowing how to plan and prepare. So hats off to you, the City of Lancaster and its Mayor, and enjoy your Rusty Spoon.

Happy Lunar Golden Pig Presidents’ Carnivale!

O Punxsutawney Phil, What Have You Wrought?