My Appendix is a Champ

Loyal readers of this blog may have noted that last Friday I did not award the Rusty Spoon for the week. This was due to my being too busy crossing all my fingers and all my toes for an extended period of time in the hopes that my appendix would not rupture. In which case, had it ruptured, it would have naturally earned the coveted title. But my appendix took a licking and kept on ticking, presumably, and my trusty physician’s assistant (who had warm hands, which I find indicative of trustworthiness in any healthcare professional, like how public bathrooms that smell clean make you think they are clean) told me I was good to go, as long as the pain didn't escalate. So my appendix deserves a medal for recovering like a champ, if in fact it was ever inflamed.

Instead, I hereby award last week’s Rusty Spoon to Fox Studios, for unceremoniously and surreptitiously dumping Mike Judge’s (King of the Hill and Office Space) latest satiric masterpiece into the nether regions of almost-but-for-contractual-obligations-straight-to-DVD hell. More on that later.

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