The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling

It was an evening of piping distress. I had to unclog my toilet and then spent the rest of the evening hoping the internal pipes would unknot or decompress or de-twist or de-hurt or anything to make the pain stop. O turkey bacon and sugar wafers, why why have you betrayed me? Being alone with a pain in your right side and the internet is not a good idea. Because then I spent a good part of the night, which was pretty long considering I couldn’t sleep, poking around my right side. Good news is that I’m not running a fever, I’m not vomiting or nauseated, and the pain has lessened, though it is still there. So I’m thinking I just need to find some kind of plunger to ungunk the works. And that it’s time for some turkey bacon.

My Appendix is a Champ

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