Government Issue Nerd

I’m going blind.

Not immediately, mind you, or anywhere in the near future, but my eyesight has been on a downhill slide since the second grade. It’s just the one eye, so I suppose I could Lasik the other and rock a monocle, but stylish monocles are so hard to find these days. So I have been the tragic victim of coke bottle lenses since the tender age of seven or eight, have known the stigma of astigmatism for almost as long as I can remember. And living in Lancaster, epitome of middle class strip mall suburbanism as it has become, it can be difficult to find a decent pair of frames that will leave you with a decent sized bank account.

I’ve needed new glasses for awhile (up there on the list with a dental appointment and a haircut), and I’ve wanted to go NASA (heavy black rims on top, rimless on bottom), for reasons only Gary knows, but until now have been unable to find frames that didn't give me an Insta-Unibrow. Now I know why there weren’t many (if any) female engineers in the control room back in the Sixties...the geek frames were simply too unflattering, even for a NASA nerd. But Rex Litwin of Optique (2110 Harrisburg Pike, in the Health Campus complex) has come to my rescue! I can now look like a standard government issue nerd with my new specs. Rex has the coolest selection of designer frames this side of London, which is where he orders many of his designer frames from. Plus, it’s a small mom-and-pop type operation, with pretty much just Rex manning the helm, so not only is there a great selection, there’s great customer service. As soon as I get some more disposable cash, I am going back to pick up a second pair of frames (funky plastic ones that actually fit well on the non-existent bridge of my nose). Too bad he doesn’t carry any monocles.

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