Do You Have the Fanta Fevah?

I swear this is not another post about my GI tract and various vestigial organs. No, today I am extolling the virtues of my favorite fruit-inspired fizzy drinks, the Fanta. Here in the States, I believe it comes in four flavors: Purple, Orange, Red, and Yellow. I have not yet had the pleasure of tasting Yellow, and I’m not quite sure what fruit inspired it, but I’m sure it is fantabulous. In the homeland of my fores (the fathers and the mothers), Green Fanta (!) is also available, and it pains me (like the pains of a thousand inflamed vestigial organs) that Green Fanta is only available in Southeast Asia (that I know of) and Southeast Asian markets. Green Fanta is the best of all the Fantas, so hike down to Asian Market on Clay Street between Queen and Prince to buy one if you’re in Lancaster.

To recap: Fanta is good. Fanta Fevah I am not so sure about.

Never Ask an Asian Where She’s From and then Insist that “Pennsylvania” is Not a Legitimate Answer*

My Appendix is a Champ