8. Learn from the giants.

I don't know about you, Interwebs, but all my New Year's resolutions are shot to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. The one thing I've managed to keep up is making my bed every day. Actually, that's kind of cheating since I think I started doing that before the New Year. I only ever made the bed when I changed the sheets because I used to think that making the bed was kind of pointless. You're just going to mess it all up again and erase your hard work in a mere 14-16 hours, right?

But it turns out I like having a neat, uncluttered bed, if only because I'm not finding random socks between the sheets for days afterward when I dump all my clean laundry on my bed to fold and fluff. Although now that the bed is nice and neat, I tend to dump all my clean laundry on the floor because I figure it's just going to get messed up after I wear it, right? Baby steps.

I came across Kekich's Credo, which I'm reading to help me stay inspired and keep building better habits. There's nothing like a good credo to keep you inspired. Each point seems like stereotypical self-help New Age Oprah advice, but it's all really common sense. Truths we already know but might not want to face.

Frankly, my resolution to improve my diet doesn't seem to be such a sticky widget compared to a guy whose resolution is/was to learn to walk again one day. So please excuse me and discuss amongst yourselves while I go eat this apple.

Viva 5 Years of Freedom, Liberty, and Nonlinear Progress!

GO Has Successfully Incubated Its First Big Idea