Viva 5 Years of Freedom, Liberty, and Nonlinear Progress!

Three score and five months ago, a small band of artists and designers brought forth in Lancaster County a Revolution of Pretty, conceived by creativity, and dedicated to the proposition that “good ideas lead to great things.”

Now we are engaged in a great anniversary, commemorating that revolution, and any revolution so conceived and so dedicated, and the progress it has administered in the realm of good ideas. The design community may little note nor long remember what we write here, but it can never forget the many exciting events and projects we have planned to celebrate our five years of nonlinear progress.

On this Cinco de Mayo, we come together to unveil the first of these anniversary projects — our newly redesigned website. As part of our efforts to administer progress, the new design focuses on creating conversations and community around good ideas and great work. You'll be able to comment on the rambling and ranting on our blog, search through our site for your favorite ideas, and (by the end of the year) purchase products and artwork from your favorite international design unit and the hottest local designers, artists, and photographers.

A Word from Our Sponsor: The Lancaster Arts Hotel

8. Learn from the giants.