The Unfacts

“Two Truths and a Lie” is my favorite icebreaker/warm-up game. Sadly, I know a lot of icebreakers and warm-up games, which do not so much break up the ice with their cameraderie-building hi-larity so much as their shame-inducing corniness.

The Interwebs have made this game more interesting, what with the wiki and the snopes. The promulgation of news and facts is made much easier, but so is the distribution of truthiness and unfacts. The factchecking industry should either blow up or implode. So here are some things I’ve heard this morning and will spread as the gospel truth only because I have the power of blogs behind me. If it’s on a blog, it must be true, right?

  1. Polar bears’ livers are rich in Vitamin A. So if you eat too much polar bear, you will die.
  2. Babies are born with all the brain cells they’ll ever have, and those cells expand as they grow.
  3. The human eye never grows, which explains why babies’ eyes are so proportionately ginormous.
  4. Vitamin B makes you happy and turns your pee neon yellow.

And So It Begins…

If It Talks Like a Wanker and Walks Like a Wanker…