Oh, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is shining bright…

Luke Bunting attempts to break the cheeseburger speed eating record, June 2006.

Luke Bunting attempts to break the cheeseburger speed eating record, June 2006.

So much madness to blog about today...the smackdown that my boys put on the Tarheels last night, at least in the first fifteen minutes (the rest of the game is blocked out of my memory)...the ice age that has taken over the northern half of the country...the death threat I received in my inbox today...how dried dates are the most disgusting thing ever and why do they keep putting it in dried fruit mixes?! apricot good, banana chip good, pineapple yum, what the fudge is this dusty brown turd?!...

Let’s go with the death threat. Our once and future collaborator, landlord, and dear friend, Luke (see pic above), is generally a genial guy who walks softly and carries a well-rounded collection of firearms. He and his lovely wife are also expecting a baby boy sometime in the very near future. Luke is a champion, a good guy, an absolute prince of a man. We are ecstatic that there will be a little Bunting running around soon. Here’s the thing: Luke is also a very tall man (if I stood on my own shoulders, I might be on eye level with him), one who does not necessarily think the picture below shows his best side. Did I mention the guns? So in the interest of saving Luke from having to clean our spattered blood off the walls of our shared conference room, please help us help him come up wtih a good name for his future son. Good Will Bunting (my suggestion) and Jean-Claude Van Bunting (Jeronimo’s) have already been ruled out. Please comment below.


Go to Hell, Carolina, Go to Hell!