And So It Begins…

You may have heard of or seen by now the “Vote Different” Hillary Clinton/1984 smash-up video floating around Youtube. Arianna Huffington, in all her glorious Greekness, has uncovered the auteur behind the video. I applaud the man’s active citizenry and his creativity. This is the Interwebs and the Cybertubes at their best, allowing for the easy distribution of a plurality of opinions. My only concern is that our current education system, literacy rates, and lack of attention span do not enable many of us to distinguish between fact and opinion. And most of us know that and say “bugger all this” and decide to avoid the whole conundrum altogether, judging by the percentage of eligible voters who actually vote. While I like this attack ad, this may not encourage people to vote different so much as not vote at all.

“Standing Tall on the Wings of My Dreams”

The Unfacts