I Am Officially Boned

How boned am I? Officially. Boned. The laptop gets sent off tomorrow to the Macheads people, who will probably have to send it off to the Apple people, and who knows which people the Apple people will send it off to. Probably the Koreans. Korea is the new Japan.

I know everything is going digital and wireless, but I’m not quite sure the benefits outweigh the hassles. My laptop is boned after less than a year, my cellphone is dying on me after only 2 years, and my iPod is also acting up, because apparently, iPods get boned after a year or so (having a tiny hard drive that should not be moved when in use, after all). Whatever happened to durability? Did that become a bad word? D--k, b---h, a-s, f--k, s--t, d---------y. Huh.

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