ABC, You Blurghers!

Members of the Unit will be making a guest appearance at 405 Jazz in Harrisburg this evening. If you miss the Unit tonight, you can catch us out and about on First Friday. We'll be hitting the Infantree's gallery opening among other spots.

Things I Learned Today:

  • Downtown Lancaster needs more public restrooms, especially if it wants to be a credible tourist destination.
  • Zap & Co do not sell lava lamps.
  • Some of us here at the GO, LLC like to openly scoff at ridiculous comments while others of us prefer to fall back on the Ironic Sneer (is it a sneer? is it a smile? what could it be?). 
  • My resolve to cold turkey the coffee lasts exactly 72 hours. O sweet, sweet caffeinated nectar, how I've missed you!

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