Better than the Glistening Sheen of An Oiled Up Bodybuilder

Back in the day, my JV soccer coach was this hot HVAC guy named Trip who took a razor to his beat up old Sambas and made the coolest sandals out of them. Picture Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, if Tyler Durden lived in his car and rolled into Elizabethtown, PA, every spring afternoon to coach high school JV girls soccer. Totally hot. For some reason I think Trip was the one who first introduced me to Blues Traveler, although it could have been my friend May, who as a petite Asian girl looks nothing like Tyler Durden and is overall very clean and lives in a nice house.

I know better than to get caught up in the whole celebrity nonsense and that I should not patronize and legitimize it by directing others to the site, but this is too awesome for words. Because you know what makes for a good night out? High speeds, a batch of the mj, a hidden arsenal, and a vest full of harmonicas.

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