Blockage #247

I will just keep spewing crap. I will ignore how crappy the crap I have already spewed is. The more crap, the more something has to stick. After all, 3 rights make a left, right?

Until the crapfest ends, please support the awesomeness that is 35mm and 120mm film. And for some reason, ending a post with a link really craps things up, so allow me to end with the following quote from my favortie fictional fake security guard, Rockefeller Butts, AKA Liquid Cool AKA Stan L. Cool AKA Morris Eisenberg AKA Reginiald Van Hoogstraaten: “B***h tried to run/but his pants too tight.” Good times, good times.

Better than the Glistening Sheen of An Oiled Up Bodybuilder

I Am All Out of Words