GO Looks to Second Front with Opening of Communications Bureau

In a move to outflank their competition, GO, LLC, the international design unit headquartered in Christian St, recently announced the opening of their new Communications Bureau, the first of many. The department will operate under the watchful eyes and creative control of Ms. Nida Setthachayanon, promoted to Executive Director of Verbal Wrangling. Ms. Setthachayanon, who enjoys wearing many hats, will also maintain her current post of Chief Global Solutions Engineer.

The Bureau is dedicated to crafting message, both internal and external, and prosaic pictures to enhance those visual ones produced by its fellow creatives. While young enough in both personnel and operation to exude a perpetual perfume of baby powder and new car smell, the Communications Corps nevertheless provide a plethora of experienced wordsmithing and organizational planning abilities.

With the formation of a department devoted solely to the written word, this international design unit exhibits their commitment to Total Design, a concept that may be foreign to the traditional design firm. Total Design emphasizes a totalistic method of creative problem-solving, seeking to approach design issues from angles and points of view and to probe the interstitial spaces often overlooked by the more provincial firms. Thus, the end result is pleasing not only to the eye but usually to one or more of the other senses as well. GO claim that they create finished products whereas their competitors merely finish a project.

The newly promoted Director is looking forward to adding the written word to the cause of Total Design. “This opens up a whole new front for [GO],” states Ms. Setthachayanon. “Pretty pictures need a story behind them, something to engage the narrative portion of the audience’s brains and involve them in the design enough for them to want some type of resolution. They end up buying the product being advertised or looking for the next ad or actively participating in whatever project we're designing. That’s what we want-to encourage an interactive relationship between the design and the audience.” Ms. Setthachayanon believes that her Communications Bureau will not only inject a fresh perspective in a saturated yet stagnant field but will help release the full creative potential of GO.

“Pretty needs revolution,” she shrugs.

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