A Word from Our Sponsor: Proto

Yes, we're keeping it in the family this week. For those of you not in the know, Proto is our sister company, the responsible twin sibling who handles all client services and takes out the trash, the brawn to our brain, the number cruncher to our cloud castle builder, the proletariat to our bourgeoisie and so on and so forth. Or as the Germans say, und so weiter. (See Herr Miller, I was paying attention.)

Because good business needs good design.

Check out Proto for all your print and web design needs.

Alternatively, we still have positions open for summer internships. If you're a young designer looking for experience in a creative environment and consider yourself, talented, eager to learn, and capable of making a mean cup of coffee, contact us.

A Word from Our Sponsor: Max Power

A Word from Our Sponsor: The Lancaster Arts Hotel