You’ve Won This Round, Battered Chicken Strip

I’ll admit it. I am a three a square kind of girl. Someone told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and I figured they have a one in three chance of being right, and in the majors that kind of batting average will make you a hall-of-famer, so what the heigh-ho. But this whole design business is not very supportive of the three square, which means hoping you can make it to the diner before the early bird rush and looking down the wrong end of a fist-sized chicken croquette when you do. It’s not the first croquette that gets you. It’s that second one, the one that starts out nice and easy on the first two bites because you're so hungry from not having anything but 3 malted milk balls in your stomach since your peanut butter toast breakfast at 8:30 and here it is 4:30, just you and the seniors chowing down. But that next bite, the third one, that one always bites back. And by that time, you’re committed. You have to go for it. So if I've learned anything from this, it’s that I am still a three square kind of girl — I just have to remember not to try to fit the last two in at the same sitting.

“The government taught me how to kill … but they never taught me how to stop.”

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