Bracketing the Madness in March

Has anyone else realized that presidential primaries officially start next February? That means we have to endure 18 some odd months (I’m backdating here) of the three-ring nonsense that is the next presidential election. I thought we kept those things four years apart so us average citizens would be bombarded by only 6–8months of news coverage of Senatorial ambition.

In other news, March Madness has officially started, and I will be officially unavailable to take any calls or respond to any e-mails during any Duke games. If you need something to occupy yourself while waiting for me to respond, check out these brackets on I think I had “Be all you can be” winning it all as the best ad slogan of all time, but some of those first rounds were ridiculously tough.


“My Muffin Top is All That / Whole Grain, Low-Fat / I Know You Want a Piece of That”

In Russia, Shirt Wears You